Pontoons for all Applications

Pontoons for all Applications

Pontoons can provide many benefits to homes across the Gold Coast and the other South East Queensland and Northern NSW areas that we service. However, pontoons are not only for residential applications! They can be helpful in an array of applications, making them the most flexible and popular docking solution of all.

While we at Micks Marine Maintenance generally install and maintain pontoons for residential and commercial applications, they can be used in many ways. Today, we’ll take a look at some examples of how pontoons can be used.

Rowing Club

Finger pontoons make getting in and out of the water a breeze for rowing reams and paddle sport enthusiasts. Able to be customised to any width or length, pontoons are the smart choice for rowing clubs. Moreover, strut and cable pontoons are easy to install and can be removed during the off-season to extend the longevity of the pontoon.

Micks Marine Maintenance can devise a custom pontoon solution to meet your needs, built to any requirement, size or shape. The only limitations are the quay line and boundaries. (Learn more about location considerations)


Pontoons don’t need to be of the traditional type, that being a dock and gangway, which is moored at the shore. For PWC, such as jet skis and wave runners, such a pontoon would be overkill. Thus, there are unique pontoons for PWC, called jet ski docks.

Jet ski docks are for the specific purpose of docking PWCs. They can be connected using a couple of styles of aluminium connector arms onto traditional pontoons.

Pontoons can be used in many ways to facilitate PWCs. They provide a practical dry berthing solution that protects PWCs from marine elements.

If you do have a traditional pontoon and want to dry berth your PWC, you can opt for a jet ski dock, or an alternative option is a jet ski roller system. Jet ski roller systems are fitted to the deck of the pontoon and can be automated or winch driven to lift the PWC from the water onto the pontoon.

jet ski roller system

At Micks Marine Maintenance, we can also help you with your jet ski docking and roller system needs. Read our article, Pontoon Roller Systems – What Are They And Do I Need One? to discover if a roller system could benefit you.


Pontoons are quickly becoming the preferred mooring option over traditional jetties or pier-like structures at marinas across Australia and the world. They present many benefits, most of all, their low maintenance requirements, making pontoons the preferred choice for many.

Marina pontoons differ from residential pontoons primarily by their size and structure. Due to the hundreds of boats they support, they must be robust and sturdy, which is why piled pontoons are necessary.

Holiday Parks & Campgrounds

Pontoons are a great addition to waterfront holiday parks and campgrounds, which are spotted along South East Queensland and Northern NSW. They provide guests with convenient water access and potentially attract more guests due to this facility being available to them for their personal use during their stay.

Pontoons allow such accommodation facilities to offer activities such as fishing, water skiing, crabbing, kayaking, boat hire, jet skiing, sailing, and many other water activities, making them a lucrative investment.

Micks Marine Maintenance has experience installing and maintaining pontoons for holiday parks and campgrounds, with Blue Dolphin Holiday Resort in Yamba being just one of our many clients.

Blue Dolphin Holiday Resort in Yamba

Blue Dolphin Holiday Resort Pontoon


Many commercial marine businesses, such as boat tour operators, river cruises, and gondola operators, rely on pontoons to allow passengers to board their vessels safely.

We can build commercial pontoons to any specifications and requirements, including aluminium gangways and ramps to aid safe boarding. Our commercial pontoons provide a superior floating dock for any business that requires access to a vessel from land and are customised by shape and size to meet the project’s needs.


While pontoons are most commonly used for residential applications, they can also be very useful in many other applications. Such applications include installation at rowing clubs – where finger pontoons are used, for PWCs – providing docking and dry berthing options, at marinas – where large scale piled pontoon constructions dock hundreds of boats, at holiday parks and campgrounds – where pontoons are used to provide water access to guests, and lastly, at all sorts of commercial applications including cruises and local boat tours – where pontoons help passengers to safely board vessels.

If you own a rowing club, marina, holiday park or campground, or any commercial marina business, a pontoon will likely be very beneficial.

Contact the experienced team at Micks Marine Maintenance today to request a free no-obligation quote on a residential pontoon or a pontoon for your rowing club, PWC, marina, holiday park or campground, or any commercial marina business. We can devise a custom pontoon or ski dock to meet your needs and requirements, no matter the scope or size of the project.

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