Pontoon Roller Systems – What Are They And Do I Need One?

Pontoon Roller Systems – What Are They And Do I Need One?

Living on the waterfront is great. Having your own pontoon is fantastic. Having a pontoon roller system is the icing on the cake.

If you’re not familiar with a pontoon roller system, then you’re not alone. In fact, we meet many waterfront residents on the Gold and Sunshine Coasts who have never heard of a roller system before. However, once we explain what they are and the benefits they offer, many choose to include one on their pontoon project.

So, continue reading this article to learn what roller systems are and why you should certainly consider adding one to your pontoon.

What are roller systems?

A roller system is an ingenious device that winches boats, jet skis or personal watercrafts out of the water and onto a pontoon for dry berthing.

Benefits of roller systems

There are many benefits to investing in a roller system. However, the most prominent is the fact that it will keep your vessel protected from overexposure to the effects of the marine environment due to constant immersion.

Boats, jet skis and personal watercrafts are designed to operate in the water, but they are not intended to remain in the water at all times. Keeping a vessel consistently immersed puts it at risk of corrosion, and even more so in saltwater environments.

With a roller system, you can quickly bring your vessel out of the water for dry berthing upon your pontoon.

In addition to protecting your vessel, the dry berthing that roller systems offer allows for easy maintenance and access of your personal watercraft.

Types of roller systems

There are various roller systems available on the Australian market, but generally, there are two types; heavy-duty roller systems for small to medium-sized boats and jet ski roller systems for jet skis.

Boat Roller Systems

Boat roller systems are designed to support small to medium-sized boats of 2000 – 2500 kg. They are available in both manual and electronic winch options for easy and quick berthing.

At Micks Marine Maintenance, we offer two roller systems for small to medium-sized boats;

Heavy-duty aluminium dry berth roller system

  • The main cradle is manufactured from marine-grade structural C Channel
  • The rear cradle is manufactured from 304-grade stainless steel
  • Supports 2000kg
  • Manual and electric winch options available

Heavy-duty galvanised steel roller system

  • Manufactured using mild steel and hot-dip galvanised
  • Supports 2500kg
  • Manual and electric winch options available

For further information on either of our roller systems, please contact us.

Jet Ski Roller Systems

Jet ski roller systems are specially designed to support jet skis and PWCs up to 500 kg. They are available in a manual winch option for berthing.

Aluminium jet ski roller system

  • Manufactured using marine-grade aluminium
  • Supports 500kg
  • Manual 3:1 winch complete with strap

For further information on our jet ski roller system, please contact us.


If you’re a boat, jet ski or PWC owner and live on the waterfront, then a roller system is a great pontoon accessory to have.

A roller system allows a vessel to be dry berthed on a pontoon, which in turn, protects your vessel from the effects of the marine environment, and it also allows easy access for maintenance. There are specific roller systems for small to medium-sized boats and jet skis, and manual and electric winch options are available.

Now, before you get too excited, there are a few factors to consider to ensure a roller system can be included on your pontoon. To find out if your pontoon supports a roller system give Micks Marine Maintenance a call on 0431 778 468. We will be able to advise you by answering a few simple questions.

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