How to Reduce & Manage Pontoon Maintenance

How to Reduce & Manage Pontoon Maintenance

As the owner of a pontoon, you are privileged to a lifestyle that many can only dream of; waterfront living with water literally at your doorstep. Moreover, the mere fact that you have a pontoon to experience and enjoy this lifestyle with, and not a jetty, offers additional advantages, the most significant being lower maintenance requirements.

It is a well-known fact that pontoons offer greater longevity than jetties. Typically manufactured from aluminium, pontoons naturally handle marine environments far better than timber – they don’t rot and provide a more robust framework. That being said, pontoons are not immune to damage and, just like everything, they do require maintenance to ensure longevity provided.

If you suspect that your pontoon requires maintenance, or you’re merely looking for tips to maintain and reduce your pontoon maintenance costs, you’ve come to the right place.

We, Micks Marine Maintenance, are pontoon maintenance specialists on the Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast and are more than qualified to share tips on how to reduce your pontoon maintenance. So continue reading to find out how you can save maintenance costs and extend the life of your pontoon.

How to Reduce Pontoon Maintenance

A pontoon offers many advantages over a jetty – reduced maintenance being right up there at the top of the list. However, while they reduce maintenance needs and costs, pontoon maintenance is still required – how much though, is up to you.

A sure way to reduce pontoon maintenance is to perform a little maintenance yourself. By taking care of your pontoon, not only will you reduce your maintenance costs, but you’ll also prolong your pontoon’s life span.

So what does taking care of your pontoon involve? Well, merely making sure you attend to any issue before they become more significant issues and stopping problems before they happen is the key to reducing maintenance requirements.

pontoon repair at Blue Dolphin Yamba

Hosing down pontoon at Blue Dolphin Yamba

This can involve hosing down your marine carpet after use to remove salty water, debris etc., routinely checking the pile rollers on your pile brackets for signs of wear or damage and regularly removing barnacle buildup from the piles, along with preventing saltwater from building on the fender. These are only the most obvious maintenance checks you can perform; there are many others that will also help to reduce the frequency and severity of annual pontoon maintenance.

How to Manage Pontoon Maintenance

The suggestions outlined above will go a long way in reducing pontoon maintenance, or at least reduce the severity of any issues. But, just like a boat, pontoons should still have an annual maintenance service performed, which is where Micks Marine Maintenance comes into the picture.

By taking care of your pontoon, you undoubtedly will reduce the chances of more significant issues arising, but some maintenance items are best left to the professionals to manage.

Worn Pile Roller

Worn Pile Roller

Pile rollers through general wear and tear will eventually need replacing. This is just one maintenance example that is best left to the experts to ensure the right roller is utilized, and not pushed aside because it may seem too challenging to do yourself.

We recommend an annual maintenance service to properly manage your pontoon maintenance requirements, and we’re just the team to facilitate such a service. We maintain a maintenance register, and we will call you and remind you, so you don’t even need to worry when you’re due we will tell you. If you live on the Gold Coast or Sunshine Coast, give Mick a call on 0431 778 468.


If you’re looking for ways to reduce your pontoon maintenance costs and manage your pontoon maintenance needs, look no further. Reducing pontoon maintenance boils down to taking better care of your pontoon. This means actively looking for and removing saltwater and barnacle buildups, for starters. These simple tasks will prevent more serious damage and therefore, reduce future maintenance costs.

However, maintenance is required to ensure longevity, and this is best managed by a professional marine maintenance team like Micks Marine Maintenance. We can perform annual maintenance to ensure your pontoon is in tip-top shape at all times. Contact us today to get started.

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