Micks Marine Maintenance – Floating Dock Installation Specialists!

Micks Marine Maintenance – Floating Dock Installation Specialists!

At Micks Marine Maintenance, we’re widely known for our floating dock maintenance and repair service. However, what many don’t know is that we’re just as well-regarded for our floating dock installation service.

It is true, although our name doesn’t exactly spell it out, we are just as competent and experienced in floating dock installations on the Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast as we are in our maintenance and repair service.

If you’re looking to invest in a floating dock on either the Gold Coast or Sunshine Coast, consider reaching out to Micks Marine Maintenance.

Floating Dock Installation Specialists

Floating docks continue to rise in popularity, especially here on the Gold Coast and throughout the Sunshine Coast, where we often do installations. I think their popularity stems from their versatility and also the range of floating docks available; there are many kinds!

Here, at Micks Marine Maintenance, we mainly specialise in three types of floating dock installations; piled, strut and cable dock pontoons. Piled dock pontoons are installed using piles to hold the dock in place, strut dock pontoons are fitted using a strut arm to fix the dock in place, and cable dock pontoons are installed using cross-over cables to keep the dock in place.

More than Just a Maintenance Business

Don’t you hate it when you go to a shopping centre and have to go from one end of the centre to another just to get to each store you need to visit? The same can be said for floating docks. You don’t want to have put all your trust in one company to sell and install your dock, only to find out later that they don’t offer any after-sale services.

What do you do when it comes time for maintenance or repairs? Or if you want to purchase accessories or have something custom fabricated for your dock? What then? You won’t want to have to put the same amount of research into finding a company for maintenance and repairs and then again for custom fabrications. And you shouldn’t have to!

With Micks Marine Maintenance you won’t have to! We are a one-stop-shop for all your floating dock needs.

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Your Lifelong Partners

As mentioned above, when you choose Micks Marine Maintenance for your floating dock installation, we won’t leave you high and dry once we’ve finished the install. We are with you for the lifetime of your dock; from pre-sale to installation to after-sale services.

You can count on us for all your floating dock needs, including the accessories!


Micks Marine Maintenance is so much more than a marine maintenance business. We are a one-stop-shop for all things pontoon related. Not only do we provide an exceptional pontoon maintenance and repair service to the Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast, but we also sell and install floating dock pontoons!

We are floating dock installation specialists who specialise in piled dock pontoons, strut dock pontoons and cable dock pontoons – we even have our very own piling barge to assist with piled installations.

Whatever type of floating dock you want, you can count on Micks Marine Maintenance to go above and beyond. Moreover, we’ll be there for you throughout the lifetime of your dock for any required maintenance and repairs as well.

Don’t delay! For floating dock installation on the Gold Coast or Sunshine Coast, turn to Micks Marine Maintenance. Call us today on 0431 778 468.

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