How to Get Longevity From Marine Carpet

How to Get Longevity From Marine Carpet

Embodying the boating lifestyle is something many strive to achieve. Owning a Gold Coast or Sunshine Coast waterfront home, with a pontoon and a boat is the epitome of the lifestyle. Open waters, fresh saltwater scents, quality time with friends and family; what could be better.

While boats and pontoons go hand in hand, in terms of design, they have just one thing in common, and that’s marine carpet. Marine carpet is an essential design element of both; offering protection and safety to the deck and those using them.

The role in which marine carpet plays in the boating lifestyle means that is should always be in tip-top condition. Worn-out, torn, frayed, and mouldy carpet will only lead to further damage, and can also lead to personal injury.

At Micks Marine Maintenance, we rely on the industry’s best marine carpets to deliver safe and highly functional pontoons and gangways. However, like everything, marine carpet does have an expiry date. The good news is, there are ways prolong the longevity of marine carpet.

Continue reading to find out how to get longevity from marine carpet.

Clean Regularly

The number one way to get longer-life from marine carpet is to take care of it. This means giving it a good wash down regularly and checking it for debris, bird droppings etc.

Cleaning marine carpet is easy; all you need is a hose (or cold water and a bucket), soap liquid (such as dishwashing liquid), and an outdoor broom. Give the carpet a good blow off first, then hose, apply soap, and scrub gently.

Avoid Chemical Agents on Stains

One of the biggest mistakes you can make in trying to maintain marine carpet is to use chemical agents that contain bleach, ammonia, etc. to remove stains. These stain removers can do more damage than good and you will void any warranty you might have outstanding.

If the cleaning process above doesn’t remove the stain, then let it be. You will get more longevity from marine carpet if chemical agents are not used.

Don’t Use Hot Water (or Heat)

Also, avoid cleaning marine carpet with hot water and certainly don’t try and dry a spill with unnatural heat sources. Heat and marine carpet are not friends. Heat will only set the stain further and can breakdown the adhesive that is sticking the carpet to the deck.

Cut off Frayed Edges

Have you ever pulled at something that is frayed? What happens? It frays further. The same with marine carpet. To prevent the carpet from fraying further, cut it off. You can also try spraying the frayed edge with a spray-on contact adhesive such as Septone Contact Adhesive Spray, which you can get at BCF.

Re-Glue Raised Carpet Edges

If any corners have lifted, then it will pay to apply the spray-on contact adhesive to the underside of the carpet to glue it back down. Any raised carpet will only continue to pull away from the deck if not fixed down, and will surely reduce the lifespan of your carpet installation. Not to mention, it will be a tripping hazard!

Do Call the Professionals

If you feel your marine carpet is beyond repair, then it’s time to call the professionals. Micks Marine Maintenance specialises in recarpeting pontoons and gangways on the Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast. We can complete any pontoon repair job, including the removal of old rotted plywood decks and the installation of marine-grade aluminium decking, which we then finish with high-grade and long-lasting marine carpet.

Whether you need the entire deck replaced and recarpeted or only recarpeting, Mick’s the man to see.


Marine carpet is a common material in the boating industry and is used on the decks of boats, pontoons, gangways, amongst other surfaces. It provides protection and safety and therefore, must be maintained.

To get longevity from marine carpet, I recommend you clean it regularly, avoid using stain removers or hot water when cleaning, cut off frayed edges, and glue-down any raised areas.

If your marine carpet, or deck for that matter, has come to the end of its lifespan and is past repair, then it’s time to call the professionals; Micks Marine Maintenance. Call 0431 778 468 today for a free quote.


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