How Pontoon Restoration Can Save you Thousands!

How Pontoon Restoration Can Save you Thousands!

A pontoon is a valuable asset to a home until it isn’t. A damaged, rundown pontoon can be dangerous. It can cause damage to your boat, and if it becomes detached, it can cause damage to other people’s property and also put off potential homebuyers when it comes time to sell your home. But it’s not all doom and gloom. Having a damaged pontoon doesn’t always mean you have to demolish it and start over. In some instances, your pontoon can be saved by an experienced pontoon restoration team, such as the team here at Micks Marine Maintenance!

Whether you’ve finally decided to do something about your damaged pontoon or you’ve just bought a home with a rundown pontoon, know that it doesn’t mean you have to start over! The cost to remove the existing pontoon and then install a new one could be in the tens of thousands. Why do this when you can simply repair and restore what you already have?

There aren’t too many pontoons that Micks Marine Maintenance can’t restore or repair. Whether your pontoon’s gangway, floating dock, piles or fixings are damaged, or even if everything needs rebuilding, we’re the team to call.

Pontoon Restoration of Gangway

A gangway is a major component of a pontoon, and any damage to it can cause significant personal injury. You see, a pontoons gangway is the bridge or walkway between the pontoon’s dock and the land. Gangways that are decked with timber are notorious for rotting and can be very hazardous. Even aluminium sheeted or expanded aluminium mesh gangways will need attention over time. Though they are non-corrosive, not all are built to the high standard that we uphold here at Micks Marine Maintenance.

Additionally, other components of a gangway, such as hinges, extrusions, abutment and other hardware can wear over time and become damaged in high wash areas, extreme low tides, storms and flooding.

If your gangway is looking a little worse for wear, don’t risk injury. Call Micks Marine Maintenance immediately for a restoration quote.

Pontoon Restoration of Floating Dock

The main component of a pontoon is its floating dock. It is the platform at the end of a gangway to which boats and other watercrafts moor to. While a floating dock may look like a simple structure, there’s a lot of structural engineering involved.

A floating dock consists of a concrete deck, which is carpeted with marine-grade carpet and an aluminium waler, which connects the pontoon together and provides a surface for cleats and fender to attach to. And, if it’s a piled pontoon, there is also the piles and the pile brackets. Any of these components can suffer damage in

high wash areas, extreme low tides, storms and flooding or if not maintained regularly.

Micks Marine Maintenance is highly experienced in floating dock restorations. Whether your dock’s deck, carpet, waler, cleats, fender, or piles need a little T.L.C, know that we can repair and restore them to their former glory.

Restoring the floating dock is usually more affordable than replacing it! Save yourself thousands by getting Mick in to take care of your floating dock today.


Having a damaged pontoon that cannot be used isn’t an asset, it’s a liability. It can cause damage to you and your boat and will inhibit your ability to experience waterfront living to the fullest.

Pontoon restoration is the answer. There is no need to demolish what you have to start over. A skilled pontoon restoration team such as Micks Marine Maintenance have the skills and knowhow to repair all aspects of a pontoon; from the aluminium fabrication to the marine carpet and pontoon accessories.

Give Mick and Tracy a call today for a free pontoon restoration inspection and quote. Call 0431 778 468 today.

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