Forget Jetty Sales – Try Pontoon Sales Instead!

Forget Jetty Sales – Try Pontoon Sales Instead!

I’ll forgive you for jumping on Goole and searching “jetty sales Gold Coast” instead of “pontoon sales Gold Coast”. Your ignorance stems from knowing what a jetty is; where, unfortunately, the same cannot be said for pontoons. Still, in 2020, I am amazed by how unfamiliar people are with pontoons, and I don’t think it’s that they don’t know what they are, more so, not knowing what they’re called. The fact that there is then also pontoon boats adds to the confusion.

When I say we specialise in pontoon sales, people often mistake it for pontoon boat sales, and I then have to clarify that it’s pontoon dock sales that we specialise in. So, as you can see; there is a reason for confusion. Nevertheless, when I say pontoon sales, I’m referring to pontoon docks, and they are a FANTASTIC alternative to jetties!

Given we’re in the pontoon sales industry, obviously, there will be some bias. However, the benefits pontoons offer over jetties speak for themselves.

Pontoons change with the tide

The biggest advantage pontoons have over jetties, and why you should try pontoon sales over jetty sales, is their ability to move with the tide. Unlike jetties, which are fixed in a position both vertically and horizontally, pontoons are fixed only horizontally, not vertically. This means as the tide rises and lowers, so too does the pontoon.

This vital characteristic sets them apart from jetties and clearly makes them a better choice. Pontoons can function regardless of the changes in tide, and as a result, they are less prone to receiving damage from higher tides as with their counterpart the jetty which on some tides will see the jetty be underwater.

The other benefit of a pontoon’s flexibility and their ability to move with the tide is that your boat won’t be damaged during a tidal change. Picture mooring your boat to a jetty on high tide. What happens when you come back at low tide? Either your cleats are pulled out, or your boat is damaged; you may even find both are damaged.

Pontoons require less maintenance

I touched on this a little bit above; because pontoons can freely move up and down with the tide, they are less prone to damage. Jetties, which are fixed in place, become submerged during high tide, which can cause rot and will undoubtedly require more maintenance.

Even if we put aside this factor, the simple fact is; aluminium offers more longevity than timber in marine environments. Jetties will eventually rot and will need continuous repairs and maintenance to upkeep safety requirements. Pontoons are manufactured with superior material for marine environments; they will last longer and require less maintenance.


If you’re in the market for a jetty, forget searching for “jetty sales Gold Coast” and start searching for “pontoon sales Gold Coast”. Pontoon (docks, not boats) are an excellent alternative to jetties. They are not fixed in place horizontally, which means they can freely move up and down with the tide. This makes them more functional and less prone to damage. Moreover, because pontoons are made from an aluminium frame, they are better suited to marine environments and won’t rot like jetties will. You’ll save money on maintenance and repairs of your dock and boat by investing in pontoon sales over jetty sales.

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