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For piled pontoons Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Northern NSW and beyond, look no further than Micks Marine Maintenance; the piled pontoons specialists.

Piled pontoons provide a heavy-duty pontoon solution for rough water areas. There are many types of pontoons, but piled pontoons are by far the most robust and superior option. Unlike strut pontoons and cable pontoons, which we also supply and install, piled pontoons are fixed in place at the seabed rather than the shoreline. Two or more piles hold the pontoon in place to provide a superior fixing, which will withstand rougher water and weather conditions.

How Piled Pontoons Work

Like other pontoons, piled pontoons comprise of a gangway and a floating dock. The gangway is normally moored to the shoreline at one end and rolls on to the floating dock at the other. In some instances, a roll-on land gangway is required with the other end of the gangway hard fixed to the pontoon. Either way, the gangway must have the ability to travel on the pontoon or land as the tide rises and falls. The floating dock is then attached to the piles with pile brackets, which hold the pontoon in place. These brackets encase the piles and feature rollers. The rollers allow the dock to move up and down with the tide.

The number and size of the piles required are determined by an independent engineer, who also provides a guarantee.

Types of Piles

Piled pontoons are constructed from various types of piles; namely, steel piles spun concrete piles and Insitu piles. It’s the latter that  Micks Marine Maintenance offers.

  • Steel piles: Steel piles are the most robust (and expensive) of all pontoon piles. Being made from steel, they are extremely strong and provide long-lasting support for pontoons. However, they come in 12m lengths and require re-sizing and on-site welding and a protective HDPE sleeve.
  • Spun concrete piles: Spun concrete piles are made from super-dense spun concrete. They require no on-site welding, are low-maintenance and offer longevity in harsh environments. These piles are middle-range in price
  • In-situ piles: In-situ piles consist of a PVC pipe filled with a reinforcing steel bar cages and a special concrete mix. They are the most affordable option and are ideal for most canals.

Why Choose an In-situ Piled Pontoon?

Of the three types of piled pontoons to choose from on the Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Nothern NSW and other areas we service, In-situ piled pontoons are our preferred choice. There is more than a few good reasons for this favouritism.

Firstly, In-situ piled pontoons are affordable; the most affordable of all piled pontoons. A pontoon can be a considerable investment and add tens of thousands to the value of your home. But, there is no need to go overkill. Compared to other types of pontoons (cable pontoons and strut arm pontoons), piled pontoons are the most robust. Yet, the majority of canals and waterways we work on don’t call for steel piles or even spun concrete piles. By opting for In-situ piled pontoons, your investment will provide longevity, without having to spend more than necessary.

Secondly, they are suitable for most Gold Coast, Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, Northern NSW canals and waterways, and for pontoons up to 12 metres in length.

Piled Pontoons from Micks Marine Maintenance

Micks Marine Maintenance is one of the leading piled pontoon suppliers in South East Queensland and Northern NSW. We have been working in the pontoon industry for more than 25 years and are highly experienced in designing and installing all types of pontoons, but especially piled pontoons.

We have our own piling barge that allows for efficient installation in various locations and marine environments. Moreover, we can assist with other onshore civil works.

If you live in Gold CoastBrisbane, Bribie Island, Sunshine CoastNorthern NSW or anywhere in between, and would like a new pontoon or require maintenance on an existing pontoon, please get in touch with us.


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