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Expert Marine Piling, Gold Coast & Sunshine Coast.

Micks Marine Maintenance has more than 20 years of skill and experience across varying piling projects and is proud to offer second to none piling services across the Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast.

We install Insitu Piles that are suited to a range of canals and marine locations. We have our own piling barge, which is quickly mobilised and capable of installing Insitu Style Marine Piles for a diverse range of pontoons and jetties. Furthermore, our expert piling crew are also able to complete onshore civil works including abutment blocks for land connection of pontoons and land-based piling for timber jetties or decks providing extra durability and safety.

If you need marine piling for your pontoon or jetty and are located on the Gold Coast; from far south as Northern New South Wales or as far north as the Sunshine Coast, we can help! Don’t delay – contact Micks Marine Maintenance today to see how we can help.

More Information on Marine Piling

  • In-situ Piling

    How does In-situ Piling work?

    Insitu piles provide a cost-effective, aesthetically pleasing piling option. Piles are installed with a combination of drilling and jetting the seabed, which then allows for a PVC pipe to be installed to the required embedment, which is usually around a minimum of 3.5m. A steel reinforcing spiral is then inserted within the PVC pipe. A concrete line pump is established onsite, and a customised concrete mix is pumped into the PVC pipe which is then left to cure before anything can be connected to the new piles.

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At this stage it’s business as usual for the team at Micks Marine Maintenance however we take the current situation very seriously and have preventative measures in place to ensure the safety of our customers and the wider community. Call us at any time on 0431 778 468 to discuss your marine maintenance requirements.